Building the Right Team

Success in any project requires the proper balance of people, methods, and tools. At Javen Technologies, we staff each project with a combination of business and technical knowledge, energy, chemistry, and commitment needed to make a project succeed. We organize and manage this complex collection of IT Professionals into an effective and efficient development team. Once an engagement begins, we continue to support our placements throughout each phase of the system development life cycle. Javen Technologies IT Disciplines Profile Javen Technologies consulting personnel consist of Junior Level through highly qualified Project Managers and Technical Lead rankings. Our consultants come to us with industry experiences from such business sectors as Manufacturing, retail, financial, Transportation, Insurance and Federal and State Governments.

The IT Skill sets of our technical staff include not limited to:

  • Software Engineers¬† (Java, .Net, Golang, React, Angular, Node.JS)
  • Mobile Developers (React Native, Xamarin, Flutter, jQuery Mobile)
  • Cloud Engineers/Cloud Computing
  • Network Engineers/System Admin
  • IoT Engineers/Architects
  • UI/UX developers /Designer/ Researchers
  • DevOps Engineers (Jenkins, Splunk, Selenium, Puppet, Docker)
  • Technical Architects (Cloud, Data, Enterprise, Solution)
  • Data Engineers (AWS, Azure, GCP)
  • Network Engineers (ETL, Amazon Redshift, Big Query, Tableau, Apache Spark)
  • ML/AI Engineers (Python, R, C++, C#, Shell, Scala, Java)
  • Data Scientists (SAS, Apache Spark, Big ML, MATLAB, Tableau)
  • Project Managers & Business Analysts
  • Automation Engineers

“The Right Person in the Right Place at the Right Time has always been a success story”